PRIMARY FUNCTION OF RESPIRATION: SUPPLY SUFFICIENT OXYGEN & REMOVE CARBON DIOXIDE To sustain life, breathing must be cyclic, continuous and achieved by rhythmic contraction and relaxation of respiratory muscles by SOMATIC NERVOUS SYSTEM controlled by NEURAL & CHEMICAL factors. BASIC PLAN Some systems like HEART can function without NERVOUS SYSTEM , RESPIRATORY SYSTEM can notContinue reading “NEURAL REGULATION OF RESPIRATION”


Also called pulmonary membrane or alveolocapillary membrane. Its the tissues that separate the capillary blood from alveolar air. Exchange of gases takes place through this membrane and hence it plays a very important role in the respiratory process. STRUCTURE –> Consists of 8 layers CHARACTERISTIC FEATURES OF RESPIRATORY MEMBRANE –> Thickness (0.6 micrometre) & SurfaceContinue reading “RESPIRATORY MEMBRANE”