Pituitary is the proximal endocrine gland which links the Central Nervous System for NEUROENDOCRINE control of both metabolism and reproduction. These NEUROHORMONES control synthesis and secretion of Anterior Pituitary hormones which control Thyroid, Adrenal, Gonads, Growth & Lactation. NEUROHORMONES are synthesized in specialized neurosecretory cells which are concentrated within Hypothalamus. Neurohormones reach Anterior Pituitary GlandContinue reading “HYPOTHAMUS-PITUITARY CONTROL SYSTEM”


A diencephalic (bilateral) structure. It represents less than 1 % of the brain mass. Small in size but has two way communicating system with all levels of limbic system. Subdivision & nuclei of Hypothalamus CONNECTIONS Hypothalamus is connected to several areas of brain to serve several functions autonomic , visceral etc. Apart from neural connectionContinue reading “HYPOTHALAMUS”